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About Us
Instructor—Matt West
Bachelor of Science in Business Management from LeTourneau University Master's of Business Administration, concentration in Entrepreneurship                   and Juris Doctorate from Florida State University Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker Licensed Florida Real Estate Instructor Attorney at Law / Member of the Florida Bar
Since 2003, Matt West has been teaching real estate classes that make people happy. Whether he is leading a class in a completely academic debate, opening the eyes of students to see the world as they never have, leading a game show, helping a group of young people to act more mature, or getting a group of adults to be more carefree; people's lives are changed after a class with Matt West. In his classes, they have the time of their life, even in subjects that many people find mundane.   Literally thousands of students across Florida have been amazed by the teaching of Matt West and gone on to get their real estate license. In addition to real estate, he has taught graduate level International Business, Finance, Entrepre- neurship, Economics, Statistics, Ethics, Marketing, and Law. He is not just an academic, as he also owns, operates, and is the Broker of record for Cosmopolitan Home Realty. He has worked extensively Flipping Property, selling Short Sales, Negotiating, Representaing Buyers, and Working with Re- tirement Account Purchases. He has had a real estate license for almost 20 years.   Because of his qualifications and expertise, Matt has also been actively involved in development of various curriculums at the Collegiate level. As a trainer, he has taught every required real estate course in the State of Florida. He has written and published text books on FS 475 and FS 494 and has been asked to edit several books written by others. Matt's expertise has extended beyond the State of Florida. He has now helped write tests on mortgage law for 17 different States. Matt brings experience, integrity, enthusiasm and humor into every presentation.